Unlocking Dining Excellence: Early Table's Latest Breakthrough Featured in The Irish Times

PostedOn 20 Sep 2023 In News

In a world where dining out is a cherished experience, Early Table has emerged as the beacon of savings for food enthusiasts. Recently spotlighted in The Irish Times, Early Table is revolutionizing the restaurant reservation game, offering patrons the chance to enjoy their favorite meals at a fraction of the cost.

Marie Claire Digby, in her insightful article published on September 20, 2023, used Early Table and unveils the dining treasure of the platform. Marie registered for a free membership and, within minutes, was navigating a plethora of dining options. The process is simple: purchase credits from Early Table, with the cost per credit dropping to a mere €1.50 when bought in volume. Each reservation requires one credit per diner.

"The offerings are diverse and enticing, even for spontaneous diners". "From early dinners with a 50% discount at renowned venues like Asador and Paulie's Pizza to tantalizing lunchtime experiences at hotspots such as Smokin Bones in Castle Market, there's something for every palate". In Dublin alone, Marie Claire discovered 84 captivating options.

One intriguing highlight was the opportunity to dine at Amuri, an Italian gem on Chatham Street, highly praised by Irish Times restaurant critic Corinna Hardgrave. "Even with such prestigious establishments, the experience remained top-notch, with no compromise on quality or quantity".

Early Table empowers restaurant owners to take control of their offerings, strategically adjusting discounts based on demand. As Shane Mitchell, the director of Ellerman Hospitality, which oversees Asador and Lennan's Yard, describes it, "the platform has become an effective marketing tool. It not only showcases new menus but also spreads the word about extended opening hours".

The success stories continue, Early Table boasts almost 20,000 subscribers and close to 150 restaurants. The enthusiasm for this innovative approach to dining has transcended Dublin, with listings now extending to locations across Ireland, including Cork, Galway, Limerick, and more. The vision is to expand this culinary revolution to 500 to 600 restaurants within the next year.

Our spotlight in The Irish Times illuminates our commitment to reshaping the dining landscape, offering patrons the chance to relish culinary excellence while granting restaurants the freedom to thrive in a competitive industry. It's not just about discounted meals; it's about creating a win-win situation for all involved in the gastronomic journey. We are unlocking a world of dining possibilities—one reservation at a time.

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