11 Apr 2024 In Irish Loyalty Awards 2024

Early Table Takes Home Best Ecommerce / Online Loyalty Initative at this years Irish Loyalty Award

The Irish Loyalty Awards just wrapped up on April 10th on in RDS, and guess what? Our team at Early Table absolutely killed it, taking home the trophy for the Ecommerce / Online Loyalty Programme / Initiative of the Year 2024. 🏆 It was a magical evening, packed with excitement and, of course, our fabulous team, all dressed for the occasion.

It's no surprise, though, considering how Early Table has been revolutionizing the way restaurants fill their empty tables during off-peak times. We're talking about generating a whopping €50,000 in new revenue every week for our partner restaurants! Can you believe it? 🎉 It's a game-changer for sure, making nights like these not just fun but also a celebration of hard, impactful work.

And that's not all! Our sister company, WowThanks Reward and Recognition, also snagged some well-deserved limelight. They were honored with the Employer Recognition Programme of the Year award. It’s fantastic to see our family of companies making such significant strides in fostering loyalty and customer experience. 🙌

These awards are a testament to the innovation and commitment we bring to the table every day. Thanks to everyone who's been a part of this journey, and here’s to continuing our streak of excellence. Let's keep the momentum going and make every year as successful as this one!

Oh, what a night, indeed!

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