How Early Table Works

Hello and welcome to Early Table

In this video, we'll be taking a step-by-step look at how Early Table works, and we'll be showing you exactly how to book your first restaurant. let's get started!

Enjoy up to 50% off your food bill with Early Table

Early Table is a restaurant discovery platform that offers diners up to 50% off their food bill when booking a table at their favourite restaurants. To use Early Table you must first register (free of charge) and then add Credits to your account.

Here's a step by step guide to help you on your way: 


If you are reading this page, there is a good chance you are already registered. If not, you can click the Sign Up button on our menu and insert your email address to start the process.

Find a restaurant:

To find a restaurant choose a date, the number of diners and location on our home page search bar. You will see a list of dining venues that suit your search criteria. We are adding new venues each week but you may find some areas are a "work in progress" and will have very limited availability.

Secure your Early Table:

Secure your booking by using your Credits, use 1 Credit for each diner. Credits can be purchased from €1.50 each.

Booking confirmation email:

A confirmation email is sent to you detailing key information and any any Special Conditions for your booking. It also contains a Reservation number and QR code - just show this to the restaurant on arrival.  

Enjoy up to 50% off your meal:

Sit back and enjoy up to 50% off your food. Your discount will be processed automatically - no discount cards, no fuss.

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