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Nestled in the heart of Dublin, Hellfire Restaurant is a culinary haven where the marriage of heat and flavour takes centre stage in a warm and intimate setting. The restaurant's distinctive style of flame-fired cooking, combined with the finest locally sourced produce, ensures a dining experience that is a symphony of smoked, flamed, and roasted perfection.

From the moment you step inside, Hellfire envelops you in a 5-star experience, with beautiful food and friendly service that leaves a lasting impression. The menu, though short and precise, put Irish beef at the center, using only the best of grass-fed Irish beef, which is dry-aged before being charcoal-grilled to perfection. Hellfire's smoked & grilled steaks are served alongside fresh seafood and more.

The ambiance is further elevated by the young and friendly staff, creating a great space with a hip vibe. The restaurant's multiple levels and beautiful decor provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable dining experience. 

Hellfire goes beyond expectations, offering attentive service that ensures every detail is perfect, making it a standout destination for celebrations. From complimentary birthday desserts to lively birthday celebrations at neighbouring tables, the warm atmosphere and culinary delights make Hellfire a must-visit. With each visit, the restaurant leaves an indelible mark, prompting patrons to return for more of the exceptional service and mouth-watering dishes.

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