Farmer Browns Clonskeagh Pub

place Dublin 6, Dublin

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BBQ, European, Steakhouse

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Farmer Browns seamlessly blends Irish warmth with American flair. Established in 2014, this charming restaurant has swiftly become a beloved haven for exceptional dining experiences, evolving from a modest 12-seat setup into a bustling hub of gastronomic delight. Farmer Browns thrives on simplicity and delectability, showcasing a commitment to quality through their Irish/American fusion dishes, with a menu featuring artisanal, free-range, organic, and locally sourced produce. From the famed avocado toast to brunch delights like huevos rancheros, and enticing dinner offerings, the restaurant exudes warmth and culinary excellence.

More than just exceptional cuisine, Farmer Browns fosters a friendly and inviting atmosphere. The staff are known for their amiability and courtesy, contribute to the overall warm and relaxed ambiance. Families and furry companions are embraced, making it a pet-friendly establishment. Engaging activities for children and a commitment to seasonal freshness, evidenced by their own vegetable garden, underscore Farmer Browns as a testament to the realization of a dream – a place for outstanding food, service, and an environment reminiscent of home in Clonskeagh.

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