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Barcadia in Cork stands out as a retro arcade, bar, and kitchen that takes you on a nostalgic trip into the golden age of 8-bit gaming. The venue is a haven of vintage game memorabilia, creating an atmosphere that whisks you away to the days of yore quicker than a megabyte download. Immerse yourself in a menu that transcends comfort food, featuring BBQ options, burgers, vegan alternatives, and Nachos – the perfect accompaniment to your journey back to childhood. The culinary offerings are crafted to satisfy your cravings as you indulge in the vintage arcade gaming experience.

Adding a playful twist to your visit, Barcadia presents a cocktail list dedicated to beloved video game characters, including Kirby and Pacman. It's a delightful touch that enhances your experience, blending nostalgia with modern enjoyment.

Why wait to relive those carefree times? Barcadia invites you to join Mario, Donkey Kong, and the gaming legends, showcasing your joystick skills in a vibrant and inviting setting. More than just a gaming spot, Barcadia is an immersive adventure into the past, making each visit a unique and memorable journey.

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