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Chicobo dishes bring delicious flavours sprinkled with a bunch of fun. And this is what we expect you to feel when enjoying our food. Backstory time... our ancestors came to Ireland a long time ago - 5 generations ago, to be more specific. And although Asian food is our speciality, here is a thing: would you be able to define Chicobo as 'another Asian restaurant in Dublin'? Nahhh... absolutely not. An Asian restaurant in Dublin is too far from what we actually are. And here is why: after spending five generations building our family business (imagine the workload...), a lot of happy adaptations came along. So instead of offering only traditional Asian dishes like most restaurants in Dublin, we decided that we would be much cooler and offer a diverse menu where customers are able to find the absolute best flavours from Asia, Ireland and Mexico in different dishes. And the result was smiles all over our dining tables (and we are not talking about our family members, trust me)

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